Reddish Brown Hair Color

This week we are going to talk about brown hair, since it’s the most common hair in the U.S. In the previous post we have fun by adding blonde highlights for brown hair. If you think your brown hair makes you look dull and old why don’t you add sparks on it. The easiest and many fun way is for spicing up your brown hair either by adding highlights or coloring it completely. If you decide to dye your hair, consider to try reddish brown hair which is also known as henna hair color.

Reddish brown hair color will make your hair be the center of attention. You will easily draw the publish eyes on you. However, you still need to have a great hairstyle for your reddish hair. And also make sure you have appropriate skin tone. The perfect skin tone for this hair color is a pure white skin. Here are some photos of girls and celebrities with reddish hair in different hairstyles. It can be a good start to pick a hairstyle that suit for your.

Reddish Brown Hair Color Or Henna Hair Photos

Reddish Brown Hair

Even Julia Roberts wear this hair color.

Reddish Brown Hair Color

You can even apply reddish brown hair color to tight natural curly hair.

Curly reddish brown hair

Straight long hair looks pretty with reddish brown hair.

reddish brown hair color

Here is a beautiful hairstyle for the reddish brown hair, it’s so sexy, elegant and modern. It works perfectly with her skin tone.

updo reddish brown hair

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