Medium Curly Hairstyles With Side Bangs

Girls, please don’t underestimate the beauty of curly hairstyles. We have seen many celebrities curled her hair and they are look amazing. Some people though, curly hair is difficult to manage. Well apparently, they are wrong. It’s sexy, manageable and definitely grab the attention easily. These days, they are many hairstyles variations for curly hair. You can go for romantic bob, wavy shag, layered and also different styles of bangs. Most women choose blunt bangs for their curly hair but this time, let’s see the beauty of medium curly hairstyles with side bangs.

Side bangs become very popular in the recent years, it’s represent modern style. It suit for lots of different hairstyles and one of them is medium curly hairstyles. To get it done beautifully then you need to reduce your hair in layers in the front round your face. Then use curl-shaping mousse to moist hair and make it easy to manage. Blow dries and shape it to desire side bangs.

Here are some photos showing medium curly hairstyles and side swept bangs.

Look at this gorgeous woman, curly medium bob cut wide side bangs is a perfect combination

Curly Bob Side Bangs

Naya Rivera, or known as Santana in Glee, has a beautiful black long curly hair and of course side bangs.

Naya Rivera Glee Curly Hair

Vanessa Hudgens look pretty with medium curly hair and side swept fringes.

Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hair

Taylor Swift known with her trademark: curly hair. She adds side bangs which is awesome.

Taylor Swift Curly Hair Bangs

Side Bangs For Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hairstyles Side Bangs

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