Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Hair Color – Hair color trend is always changing from time to time. Auburn hair color is back in trend this year since many female celebs wear it. There is something unique about auburn. It shows elegance and natural style. However keep in mind to select the tone of auburn that suit to your skin tone, outfit and personality.

Many people think that auburn is red hair color. Well, it is not, I think it is a combination between brown, red and blonde. In result, the auburn has very deep color depths and characteristics that make it as a beauty color.

When you decide to change your hair color to auburn, then you might consider to also have new makeup tone to match the new hair color. For example, for a light auburn color, then it is suggested to wear foundation that has red in it so that they look healthy.

Here are different hairstyles for auburn and also makeup that suit with it.

Short Hairstyles for Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Hair Color 2012

auburn short ahairstyle

Bob short hair auburn

As you can see above, auburn looks perfect when styled it to bob short hair. The color gives depth perception, make it looks thick.

Auburn Hair Color for Long Hair

Auburn long hair

auburn wavy hair

Auburn Long Hair Straight

I think the best way to style auburn for long hair is by making it wavy or soft curl. Combine it with dark tone make up for balancing the bright color of auburn.

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