5 Most Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Congratulation, your friend ask you to become her bridesmaid in her wedding. However, as a bridesmaid, there are many things to prepare including for the bridesmaid hairstyle. Don’t letting down your friend just because you choose hairdo that is not suitable to the dress or face shape. Keep in mind to that the hairstyle should fit to the theme of the wedding too. If you have a long hair, then the options are countless. Here, we give you most beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair that may interest you.

Braids or Hair knots
braids Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyles
It looks like this hairdo is complex and sophisticated, but it is totally worth. You can still create this hairstyle by yourself. Basically, create braid in thin sleeks then place it on the top of your head to make a beautiful knots. For the bangs, simply add side bangs to give elegant looks.

Messy Buns
messy buns hair
It is a semi-formal hairstyle that works with all face types. Messy buns make you looks stunning and suitable for casual wedding ceremony like beach or garden wedding. Add loose small curls in the front makes romantic appearance.

Half-up Hairstyles
half up bridesmaid
This is one of the most favorite bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair that perfectly well for bridesmaid of any ages. This hairdo is also works for most of those stunning tresses, colour and the geometric shapes. The basic principle to create half-up hairstyle is by tie up half of the hair and pin it and leave the other half to flow freely.

French Twist
French Twist Bridesmaid Hair
French twist is a formal hairstyle for bridesmaid. Here are some examples.

Formal Emo Hairstyle
It is little bit risky to wear formal emo hairstyle in the wedding ceremony. So make sure the wedding theme and the bride has agree with it.

formal emo hair

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